If you want to learn to swim you have to go into the water. Learning a foreign language is completely the same.

When you learn how to swim - just having knowledge about swimming is not enough. When you learn a foreign language - only grammar and vocabulary is not enough, it is important to have practice in that language. eLLC will help you to learn the language in the best way with the help of specially prepared words and sentences.

ellC nasıl öğretir

According to the research

Sounds, voices, smells and colors associated with our emotions are recorded in our minds unconsciously, without being aware. The brain uses this data in order to compare with what we already know, checking if it’s the "same", "different" or "if it so ..." information. Then with the logical connections we start to understand what is said to us in a foreign language and then start to talk.

So how does eLLC system exactly work?

In our thoroughly prepared educational course we first teach you simple words, then these words become sentences and later conversations. Now, what about learning a few words in Spanish?


As you can see, first you were shown words and expressions, then you learned the full sentence using the words and expressions from the first pictures.

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